So Many Choices! Granite Counter tops have been the ideal material to use in kitchens and bathrooms for well over 25 years.  While Granite is a beautiful natural choice there are some alternatives to granite that can be just as gorgeous, more durable, more sanitary and seamless!

Lets Start with the man made material-

Alternative to Granite Countertops | Imagine Design & Remodel



While Corian gets a bad wrap and most of my clients cringe at the name (manly because they feel its dated) it is a very durable material to use for your kitchen or bathroom.  It comes in 1000’s of colors and you can even create your own custom color.  Corian can be molded into any shape and can be translucent thus providing a variety of creative designs. Maintenance is simple- it can be cleaned with any anti-baterial solution and does not have to be sealed annually like granite. It’s draw back – even though Dupont claims Corian is heat resistant it can show burn marks if a hot pan is placed directly on it.  Corian does come with a 10 year warranty and most damage to a Corian countertop can be fixed easily!



Zodiaq or Cambria

Another Dupont product- that is meant to resemble natural stone but is non-pours and more durable.   Zodiaq is  engineered with pure quartz crystals and some colors have 25% recycled glass making it GREENGUARD Certified® as a low-emitting material.  Unlike Corian it is heat and scratch resistance.  Like granite the surface plays with light and some colors have flexes of mirror creating as stunning illusion of depth and movement. It too has a 10 year warranty making it a tough contender when compared to granite!



Another product that is made of quartz, Silestone too comes in more colors than one could count.  Several of the colors resemble the look of concrete countertops.  It boast a 15 year warranty and “integrity” sink (Corian offers this too) where your counter top and sink are molded together forming one continuous slab, making cleaning easier- no funky crevasses for things to grow in! That a winner in my book!

















Some natural alternatives to Granite.


Made of natural material mainly cement and aggregate concrete can take on any form or color one desires. Comparable in price to granite- but more durable and the creative unique quality makes this countertop material one of my favorites!   The picture at the top of the blog is an outdoor kitchen we designed last year. The concrete counter top was formed and glass tile that was used around the pool was broken up placed in the wet concrete- we chose to bring in the blues and rust colors to create a dramatic effect.

soap stone



Another natural material for countertops is soapstone.  If has been used for well over 100 years in various applications from out door pavers, interior floors, sinks and soap dishes.   It is a soft stone that can scratch- how ever can be easily sanded and repaired.  It requires no sealant – just a quick polish with mineral oil and your good to go.  This material is unaffected by acids found in many foods, tolerant to strong household cleaners and does not harbor bacteria.  It only come in a handful of natural colors from grey, black and shades of green.

Wood island concrete counter tops



Timeless! A wood counter top such as the one pictures above or a butter block island adds warmth to a kitchen like no other.  Although not the most durable if treated correctly can maintain it’s beauty for many years.  In this application we used a rock hard Maple that was laminated for protection.  It was distressed by hand and the edges were routed.  Warm water and soap is all that is needed to clean.  If the wood stain, burns, or scratches you can decide to love for it’s character or have it sanded and refinished!

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