Formal Living Room Re-Vamp

One of the last rooms to be “spiffed-up” in this client’s home is their formal living room.  The room underwent its first transformation last year when we installed a custom window treatment to the oversize window adorned with iridescent shell trim, added crown molding, paint and a few new furnishings and accessories.   However, some of the existing furniture ended up being over scale for the smaller space that also is a pass through to several other areas of the home.

                                                                                                                                           Existing Living Room

Living Room Re-Vamp | ImagineDesignFlorida.comThe over all design scheme for this home is an a balanced mix between modern and vintage- we stayed true to that design in this room as well- mixing some trending modern elements with timeless colors, materials and furnishings.

Our Design Solutions for this space:

-New Sofa

We found this one at Kalin’s of Sarasota. However, we will need different pillows- custom of course.



        -New pillows

We designed and had our workroom make these pillows.   These are some beautiful new fabrics and trim from Duralee.

custom pillows 2





-The Focal Point

Adjusting the focal point! The 9 canvas displayed on the wall over the sofa. These pictures are lyrics to a song that is meaningful song to the home owners.  We decided to frame them all and have them hang closer together to achieve a more defined look.   In order to display the wording that wraps around the sides of the canvas we chose to adhere the frames to the back of the art which allowed for the sides to be seen and art to be raised.


IMG_1839frame picture 3








-New Coffee Table(s) x 3

The existing coffee table was bulky and oversize for the room.  Plus it lacked in style.  To create some dimension we chose these iron adjustable height tables with a weathered wood top.  Grouping three together adjusting them to different levels  is  giving this room the much needed interest it deserves!





-New smaller chair

In addition to the sofa we need a new chair. Something smaller in scale compared to the larger chair that is there now and a bit more modern. We selected this one from Bernhardt and had it covered in an interesting grey and beige Duralee fabric.

granthom chair









-New side table

Adding a smaller side table in the corner will give us a bit more room and clean up the space visually- from being over crowed.   This one is from Restoration Hardware- it will add that pop of modern we are aiming for.

rh table                                                         A new mirror for over the console…










And here is the transformation! The new chair has not arrived yet but the room looks fantastic!