A simple and easy tip to finding the right size lighting fixture for any room.       How to Choose the Right Size Lighting Fixture | Imagine Design & Remodel

Just remember this formula.

Take your room measurements in feet and add them together.  The number your end up with is the perfect diameter in inches for your room.

Example a room that is 10’x12′   10+12=22  The diameter of your lighting fixture should be around 22″

Now that you know the diameter- what about the height? There is a simple trick to figure out that too.  Designers normally allow 2.5″-3″ for each foot of a rooms height.  If you have 10′ ceilings using a lighting fixture that is 25″-30″ would be a proportionate height for your fixture.

Blue and gold ornate chandelier The maximum a lighting fixture should be from the floor is 7′ to allow for          head clearance.

If your space allows I suggest 7  1/2′ to be on the safer side!

Always remember that some fixtures can look visually heavy while others can appear visually light.  In these cases a heavier looking lighting fixture should caution on the smaller side while a lighter looking fixture can be a little larger than the formula suggests.



Visually Heavy    VS.      Visually Light

Colorful glass lighting fixture

bubbles chandelier