Looking for an alternative to granite countertops?

So Many Choices! Granite Counter tops have been the ideal material to use in kitchens and bathrooms for well over 25 years.  While Granite is a beautiful natural choice there are some alternatives to granite that can be just as gorgeous, more durable, more sanitary and seamless!

Lets Start with the man made material-



While Corian […]

How To Choose the Right Size Lighting Fixture

A simple and easy tip to finding the right size lighting fixture for any room.       

Just remember this formula.

Take your room measurements in feet and add them together.  The number your end up with is the perfect diameter in inches for your room.

Example a room that is 10’x12′   10+12=22  The diameter […]

Formal Living Room Re-vamp

Formal Living Room Re-Vamp

One of the last rooms to be “spiffed-up” in this client’s home is their formal living room.  The room underwent its first transformation last year when we installed a custom window treatment to the oversize window adorned with iridescent shell trim, added crown molding, paint and a few new furnishings and accessories. […]